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Organic cosmetics are well and good, but organic cosmetics specifically developed with pregnant women in mind are much better. Why?

Because some classic organic cosmetics can contain a level of essential oils that can harm the health of future mothers and their babies.

(Etik Chik)
is offering an organic range entirely devoted to the well-being of future mothers.

Pregnancy is a joy experienced by many women. However, this is when woman’s body changes and she might experience little problems (such as stretch marks, acne...) Even so, pregnancy is the best time to enjoy being beautiful.


(Etik Chik) offer a complete range of skincare specially adapted for pregnant women. We provide a specific respond to the problems women experience during this period of their lives (stretch marks and skin problems on thighs, stomachs, etc..)

Most cosmetics today are not recommended for pregnant women because they are potentially harmful to children.

This is why (Etik Chik) decided to create a product that until now has been missing from the major cosmetics brands.

(Etik Chik) developped a formula to prevent stretch marks that only uses certified organic products. This formula uses products that, by their very nature, are not dangerous for either mother or child, but that retain all the cosmetic properties found in other products.

This product is of course suitable for women who are not pregnant and it can be used before, during and after pregnancy.

Our product contains extracts of Centella Asiatica to soothe and heal and is subtly perfumed so as not disturb pregnant women sensitive to certain smells.

Our packaging was also created to be in line with our philosophy Our product’s 100% biodegradable packaging is environmentally friendly.

To go a step further,
(Etik Chik) does not provide paper insructions for use with its products in order to limit deforestation.


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